Homopathy with Children

On the whole children respond well to homœopathic remedies particularly if these are their first medicines. There are conditions that babies are born with which can be easily and effectively addressed with remedies that do not have side effests or the more damaging effects of some types of drugs that are routinely used with very young children. These include conditions like sticky eye (conjunctivitis), colic and umbillical cord affections.

Children develop at rates that are appropriate for their individual nature however there are circumstances in which development is restricted and may need additional support to ease the path e.g. at the time of weaning emotional turmoil can be minimised with remedies carefully selected for both mother and baby. Mothers may need help with the ceasation of milk flow as well as emotional support through those first nights as the babies settle into a little more independence. Teething can be uncomfortable for babies as their first teeth cut through tender gums, remedies often alleviate that pain and encourage the teeth to move through more quicky. Movement from bums to tums to knees to tottering feet are times that little ones suffer knocks and bashes as they find their feet and encouragement comes from parents smiles, siblings caresses and remedies that heal the bruises of bumps and ego!

At deeper levels homœopathic remedies support the development of a robust immune system which will provide that so valuable protection against disease of all kinds. It is my experience that children treated from an early age with homoeopathic remedies suffer fewer ailments and recover quickly and completely when they do contact illnesses. They develop a more flexible apporoach to living in a complex world and teenagers benefit from well chosen remedies. It is, of course, an advantage to have known the child before they hit that adolescent era of non-communication, however, all are individuals and many respond with interest in conversations based on their interests, and many laughs are to be had at the practioners expense!

Conditions that are known to respond well to homœopathic approach include eczema (particularly atopic eczema which is common), asthma, digestive conditions e.g. colic, constipation and diarrhoea, infectious skin conditions e.g. hand and mouth, impetigo, earaches and chronic bronchitic states as well as a tendancy to cough and colds, childhood diseases, measles, mumps and chicken pox, scarlet fever (returning to the population). Developmental issues such as slow to emerge teeth, failure to thrive, undernourishment, slow to walk and talk, difficulties with the onset of the menstrual cycle are also seen to rebalance more quickly with homœopathic treatment.


Homœopathy lends itself to treatment at many levels and one way to support health in families is to use remedies on a first aid, or elementary level of treatment. I offer introduction to basic straight forward homoeopathic principles, essential if homœopathy is to act appropriately along with a variety of courses for basic first aid, childbirth and babies,travel and holiday remedies and more recently an individualised family first aid session to enable families to increase their knowledge of the remedies that they are more likely to use frequently. All courses can be undertaken with no or minimal knowledge of homœopathy and come with a selection of remedies to keep or we can use existing kits if you already have them. An example of the range and depth of the basic course is illustrated in the Top Ten Holiday Remedies, however all stages of understanding and knowledge can be individually catered for... please ask...

ChiIdren's Clinic

The Children's Clinic offers affordable treatment to mothers and children between 0-16 years of age. It is based in the Bishopston area of the Gloucester Road in Bristol and has the advantage of home visits if preferred. I am often present at Vivian Tallis' Baby group meetings for any queries relating to homœopathy. For further interest see an edition of the Clinic's newsletter.