Homťopathic Garden


The front garden of my house is being developed as a Homťopathic Garden with examples of some of the many plants that are used to provide homťopathic remedies.

Some of the plants and flowers in the Garden that are used homťopathically:


Digitalis purpurea has been used in herbal medicine and provides the basis for conventional medicines used to treat heart disease. Homťopathically it is used for heart and circulatory problems with difficulty breathing and swelling of the limbs.


Pulsatilla pratensis

The Pasque flower that appears on downland near Easter time is one of the great homťopathic remedies. It is often used for children who are clingy and tearful and for helping to balance female hormones.

Seed heads




The German Chamomille is a small daisy like flower that provides a remedy that is invaluable in treating fractious and dissatisfied children especially around the time of teething.