Homťopathy is a form of medicine which treats the whole person. The process is highly individualised following a basic philosophy of matching the characteristics of a remedy with those unique features of the patient's condition. The remedies are made from many and varied sources, animal, plant, mineral and imponderable, using the processes of dilution and succussion which results in a remedy which is both powerful (highly potentised and dynamic) and dilute (energised so that there is no 'material' amount to cause 'side effects ') thus a gentle effective rebalancing can be applied to the persons systems. It is a medicine which offers support to the natural healing systems of the person with a minimum of interference. The matching process allows a resonance to be set up which promotes the healing powers naturally present in the person to bring the person to a fuller health in all aspects. This enables the person to enhance their individual nature at all levels and clinically we find one of the most common initial responses to a course of homoeopathic treatment is that the person feels better in themselves. There is no doubt that the initial consultation where the practitioner receives the patient in a full and caring consultation has an impact on this initial response but the depth and logevity of the responses are an indication that the remedy has resonated with the person.

I was drawn to study and subsequently practice homoeopathy because of the ability to enhance the individual in their entirety. It seems to me that we live in a time when each is expected to conform to a degree that limits our capacity to act individually and thus our capacity to BE ourselves can be restricted. I understand that each has a unique and valuable contribution to make, to encourage creative endevour for ourselves, our families and friends and to the world in general. It is my experience that homoeopathic approach enables and enhances that individuality and in the words of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy as we recognise it today:

In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, reason-gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.