Caroline Dent MIH



Caroline is dedicated to the practice of supporting the highest potential in each of us, combined with a deep love of the natural world. She initially implemented these principles in teaching Investigative and Natural Sciences in Secondary School (B.Sc. Hons , PGCE),which she enjoyed for 15 years promoting discovery by investigation.

Homœopathy discovered her during her search to find a way to rebalance the health of her daughter diagnosed as asthmatic at 3 years old. The transformation of her daughter’s health and subsequent involvement with homoeopathy led to professional practice once graduated from The School of Homeopathy in Devon in 2005. She is a registered member of the Institute of Homœopathy.

Caroline practices in Wells, Bristol and from her home in Hinton Blewett, where she offers treatment to all (Family rates and a sliding scale of fees are available) and has particular interests in promoting children’s health and wellbeing through an increasingly complex and changing world where ‘attention deficit’ and behavioural issues arise.

She contributes to the work of The Travelling Homœopaths Collective , a charity focusing on introducing homoeopathy, and enjoys presenting talks to interested groups of all kinds..


phone: 01761 452892