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Sarah and Leon’s story

I first sought homoeopathic advice in late pregnancy, to help quell certain anxieties, and to prepare for a natural birth. It was helpful to make time and space to talk my situation through and I was given a remedy that seemed to help settle me a little and prepare for the onset of labour.

I was also given a homoeopathic box set, intended to come in useful during labour, and a list of symptoms indicating certain remedies. Caroline visited me at home and talked these through with my partner so that he would know what to look out for, and which remedies might help at certain points during labour.

This preparation was both interesting and reassuring in terms of feeling well prepared. It also meant that after I had given birth, I knew how useful arnica would be, and I had access to remedies which really helped alleviate the early discomfort of breastfeeding.

I’m really pleased I found out about homoeopathy. This gentle approach to well-being meant I was able to prepare a birth plan in accordance with the way we wanted to welcome Leon, and cope with pregnancy, labour and those first few weeks of parenthood in a variety of ways. I would certainly seek homoeopathic advice again, both for myself and for my son Leon.

We thank Sarah for this contribution and wish her and her family every future happiness.


What we offer

Our commitment to homoeopathy and to our children has inspired us to open this clinic to enable people to experience homeopathy and benefit from this very effective and safe system of medicine.

We aim to treat children with homoeopathic remedies that can enhance their growth and development. When supported in this way children are better able to respond when challenged by illness or changes in circumstance. Healthier happier kids... and families!

We have found that all levels of illness (mental emotional & physical) respond well to courses of treatment. We are happy to give acute remedies for short term relief, however the fundamental aim is to increase the overall level of health and boost immunity.


Acute Remedy of the season

BELLADONNA : deadly nightshade

             homeopathic Calpol

The child who needs Belladonna is hot, feverish and agitated, sometimes delirious. The face is red and eyes shine, pupils usually dilated ( Bella= beautiful, donna= lady, as an Italian beauty treatment was to put Belladonna eyedrops to increase the size of the pupil!), and throbbing carotid in the neck with fever/pain. Hands and feet are cold. The violent, throbbing pain comes suddenly and is worse for being moved. Children may hit out. They are thirsty, often for lemonade, and feel better for lying still in a quiet, darkened room, as they are very sensitive to noise and light.


Be it headache,  breast engorgement, sun burn the pain comes quickly and strongly, and can be relieved quickly with the ‘like’ remedy.


Consultations cost £25 and are arranged to fit in with your individual wants and needs. The first meeting will be used to discuss what “needs to be cured” and to this end a series of questions follow to establish what is going on for the mother/child and how best homeopathy can help.

A thorough understanding of the individuals unique case is necessary before a remedy can be chosen. It is important to keep in contact through the treatment so that the path of healing as shown by the health of the individual is assessed as an ongoing process and at present we do not charge for telephone consultation between meetings.

Prescriptions of homeopathic remedies are included in the price and can be taken daily in solution or as a series of soft tablets.

They are non habit forming and have no permanent side effects.

Babies who are being breastfed may receive the remedy through the mothers milk which is a beautifully gentle and simple way to prescribe for young babies.

Philosophy based upon the law of similars ( like cures like) according to the CLASSICAL TRADITION of homeopathy founded 200 years ago by Samuel Hahnemann.

The idea is that remedies in nature that cause an illness can also cure an illness with similar symptoms. eg. Arsenic  is a well known poison that acts quickly and violently upon the victim with stomach cramps and vomiting. Homeopathically it is used for similar symptoms of gastro-enteritis or “food-poisoning” that are rapid, violent and devastating  with vomiting and diarrhoea.. The individual suffering may actually say “ I’m dying!” 

Emotional Mental and Physical symptoms are ALL important when choosing the best remedy as they guide us towards a choice of medicine that fits the person’s immediate suffering but also their matches their inherent nature and therefore works very much alongside the natural healing response to fully recover from illness.

Emotional and mental problems respond well to homoeopathic remedies as the dynamic plane of our psyche and soma can be reached with these highly sensitive and powerful natural remedies.

Contacting us

Appointments can be made directly with me, just give me a call I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Caroline Dent ( Bristol ) 01761  452892

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