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ACONITE: Shock with fear, ANY complaint that starts suddenly, ESPECIALLY after shock, exposure to cold wind

ARNICA: Delayed shock, injury with bruising, head injury *, sprains, jet lag.

APIS: bites /stings with REDNESS,  HEAT and SWELLING , hives, general inflammation that has the characteristics. Stinging , burning pains. Patient usually wants to sleep/be left alone.

ARSENICUM: Sickness and diarrhoea from food poisoning/ unusual foods/ bugs. Patient is COLD wants warmth sometimes burning pains and often very agitated/ anxious. Thirsty but drinks with SIPS of cold water.

BELLADONNA: Delirious , DRY heat, much pain. RED, HOT,( radiant) throbbing and often shiny parts, dilated pupils, agitated. SUNburn /heat stroke.

CANTHARIS : For burns and scalds, cystitis, burns tend to blister with red beneath. Sharp, stinging, cutting pains (part. as urine is passed). Anxious and fretful.

NUX VOMICA: Food poisoning, gastric disorders, BILIOUS, irritable. Colic worse sun, alcohol (hangover rx).

PULSATILLA: Clingy, weepy, thirstless ,better for fresh air. Homesickness, missing parent. Stomach upset often with desire for milk to replace food. Can be after overindulgence. Colds, sticky eye etc Mucus ,thick yellow or green.

 VERATRUM ALBUM: Diarrhoea with profuse watery stools, severe cramping and sweating on forehead. Intense thirst for cold water which is vomited. Face pale and bluish.

COCCULUS INDICUS; Motion sickness which is worse lying down. Patient tends to feel light headed or dizzy, with or without naseau. Weakness with trembly knees.

 CHINA: following dehydration from vomiting, bleeding, menstruation, diarrhoea. Patient is weak, pale, thirsty and sensitive, often bloated and flatulent.

* WITH A BLOW TO THE HEAD the person is often ‘stunned’, Arnica will help, if there is FEAR give Aconite FIRST, then Arnica after10 mins or so for best healing effect. Watch for drowsiness, falling asleep and vomiting, all are alert signs that something is not right, seek help and never think that you are ‘making a fuss’.

Other useful additions to your First Aid box

Hypericum for injury to nerves, trapped fingers etc

Hypercal lotion or cream

Calendula cream , very soothing for grazes any areas where infection may take hold.

Ledum for puncture wounds, prevents infection, very useful for dog bite.

Magnesium phosphorica, homoeopathic ‘asprin’, better for heat and pressure.



Argentum nitricum: Nausea and vomiting with nervous agitation, belching, bloated abdomen (worse eating ,drinking ,alcohol, flying)

Bryonia: main remedy for nausea when taking off in a plane, nausea and faintness with a strong thirst for cold water, wants to be still and left alone

Gelsemium: nausea with hot head and feeling of emptiness in the stomach, dreads every manoeuvre of the aircraft

Kali-carb : anxiety felt in stomach, felt like a lump, person rigid with tension and anxiety; weak back and legs

Petroleum : nausea from every movement of the aircraft, ship or car, worse smell of petrol or diesel ;profuse salivation while nauseated

Tabacum  :intense and miserable nausea with a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach, complexion goes green, much worse for tobacco smoke


How to take the remedies:

In general use 30C potency although ‘high energy fever’ eg Belladonna can be treated with 200C, and accidents may need Aconite/ Arnica in higher potency (IM particularly on the way to hospital )

Give remedy every hour or so to begin with UNTIL a response is reached

When the symptoms get easier take less often eg every 4/5 hours until the symptoms are better…then STOP taking the remedy.

If the symptoms are not better after taking the remedy 6 times or so it is unlikely to be the ‘right’ remedy, perhaps try another with similar symptoms.

If the symptoms return take the remedy again

NB sometimes eg after a tummy bug it is necessary to treat the symptoms with a remedy to help recovery Arsenicum followed by China or Phos ac for collapsed state


The Children’s Clinic offers an opportunity to find out more through Homoeopathic First Aid courses which can be tailored to your families needs. (Costs vary according to needs eg 12 ‘personised’ remedy kit +one to one basis =£45.00, 12 remedy kit x2 with one to two basis =£60.00, group 4-6 people +12 remedy kits @£25.00 per person.) Interested? Please ask!